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One of the ways we support our missionaries is through prayer. Please take a moment to pray for the requests of our missionaries below.

Jae and Hannah Yoo Seoul, South Korea (UPDATE)

By Alli | March 4, 2020

As the world continues to reel from the spread of the coronavirus, please pray for our brothers and sisters in South Korea. Pray specifically for Jae and Hannah Yoo and the church plant Jae pastors, Seoul Covenant Presbyterian Church. Pray that our brothers and sisters would remain faithful during the various challenges related to the…

Country Profiles: South Sudan

By Alli | March 3, 2020

After decades of conflict and civil war, South Sudan has recently entered a time of relative peace. But the trauma of the past still remains, causing continued unease among different people groups. Please continue to pray for the people of South Sudan, particularly the most vulnerable who have been devastated by the atrocities committed against…

Country Profiles: Burkina Faso

By Alli | February 24, 2020

Please pray this week for Burkina Faso as jihadists recently attacked yet another church. They killed members, the pastor, and kidnapped others. Jihadist attacks in this nation have been ongoing as Burkina Faso is on the front lines of a jihadist insurgency in the region. Please pray for our brothers and sisters whose lives are…

Jackson Metro Flooding

By Alli | February 19, 2020

As the Jackson Metro begins to recover from recent flooding, please continue to pray for all those affected: Pray for the families forced to evacuate as they return home (some to significant damage) and for those who remain evacuated. Pray for continued safety as floodwaters carry and cover many hazardous materials. Pray for the city…

Mission to North America

By Alli | February 11, 2020

Please pray this week for the Disaster Response team at Mission to North America as they mourn the loss of Rev. John Browne. Pray that the hope of the second resurrection would fill their hearts as they grieve. Please also pray that Jesus would comfort and give peace to Rev. Browne’s wife, Betsy, and their…

Missions Conference 2020

By Alli | February 4, 2020

Pray with us this week for Redeemer’s 2020 Missions Conference (Feb 28-29)! Please pray for the missionaries as they travel and prepare to share their stories with us. Pray that the weekend would encourage both for our missionaries and our congregation as we get a glimpse of how the Lord is working in Jackson, the…

Country Profile: Nigeria

By Alli | January 20, 2020

Join us in prayer for northern Nigeria as Nigerian Christians face jihadist attacks and the society as a whole struggles with separatist movements. Christians in the the northern region and Middle Belt areas have either fled or face persecution, typically at the hands of Boko Haram or Fulani herdsmen. Please pray that Jesus would draw near…

Redeemer Ministries 2020

By Alli | January 15, 2020

This week, we’re praying for Redeemer’s children and youth ministries that will start back this month (Rooted, Upside Down, etc). Please pray that the Lord would guide, bless, and sustain the staff and volunteers as they build relationships with the children/youth. Pray also for the kids who attend, that the Lord be at work in…

Redeemer Adoptive and Foster Families

By Alli | December 31, 2019

Please pray this week for our Redeemer adoptive and foster families and for those working to support adoptive/foster families and families in crisis. Pray that the Lord would give hope and comfort to the hurting and that Jesus would be exalted through healing and restoring trust despite difficult situations and relationships. Pray for wisdom, hope,…

Holiday Prayer for Missionaries

By Alli | December 23, 2019

Holidays can be lonely for global missionaries who are separated from family, friends, and familiar cultural traditions. But they can also provide wonderful opportunities to share the love of Jesus with others and a special time of celebration with indigenous Christians. Please pray for our global missionaries as they feel the “already, but not yet”…

Holiday Prayer for Students

By Alli | December 16, 2019

School is almost out for the holidays! Please pray this week for RUF students and The Redeemer’s School students as they enjoy time with family and/or friends. Pray for rest, rejuvenation, and safety. Pray also for students facing broken relationships, challenging home situations, grief, and isolation. Pray that God would bring his peace that passes…

2019 Christmas Village

By Alli | December 10, 2019

Redeemer’s annual Christmas Village outreach is coming soon! As we prepare to welcome our neighbors here, please pray that families in the community will see and feel the love of Christ through us, that hearts would be opened to trust in our Savior Jesus Christ, and that the brokenhearted would be encouraged. Pray also for our…

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