Stocks Update

            This week we are praying for the Stocks, especially as they prepare to travel for a leadership summit in Thailand and take a vision trip to visit an MTW team October 30- November 3 that they’ve been invited to consider a position with.

            The Stocks were able to take a three-week road trip out west in September. During this trip they saw friends, new places, and were able to participate in an intensive debrief week for missionaries who have left their home and are in transition. This time helped them to identify and articulate where they are as they work through grief, loss, and reverse culture shock and reminded them of the soothing balm of the gospel.

            They’ve moved into a new house in east Atlanta, and soon their shipment from India will arrive so they can unload their belongings!

            Pray for them as they travel: for discernment as they explore a new field that seems like an open door. Pray for them as they continue to work through leaving the field abruptly and considering where the Lord is leading them next.

            For more information about the Stocks, you can go to: Praying for Missionaries.