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One of the ways we support our missionaries is through prayer. Please take a moment to pray for the requests of our missionaries below.

Ellie Honea, Japan (UPDATE)

By David White | October 9, 2020

As Ellie continues to support the work of church planting in Tokyo, she has been using her skills in music and translation to experiment with an online music ministry during quarantine. Please be in prayer for this ministry, that it would reach and encourage many as Ellie uses these songs to point people towards Christ.…

Stuart & Meg Mills, Peru Mission (UPDATE)

By David White | October 1, 2020

Since May we have been praying for Meg’s father Takashi-san following news of his declining health as a result of Microscopic Polyangiitis. Sadly, following a continued decline in his condition, Takashi-san passed away this past week. Please join with us in praying for Meg and the family at this difficult time. In particular, remember Meg…

Haruaki and Asami Odate, Japan (UPDATE)

By David White | September 25, 2020

This week we are praying for the Odates as they continue to minister in Japan and prepare to church plant. Though COVID-19 has caused various disruptions to ministry, O-Chan has been able to continue discipling several young men remotely – Please pray that this ministry of discipleship would continue to bear fruit. Despite the disruptions…

China Partnership

By David White | September 17, 2020

This week we turn our attention to the prayer requests of the Church in China. One of the biggest temptations facing the Church and individual believers is the temptation to either deny or dilute their faith in order to better fit into Chinese society. Given this temptation, let us pray to the one who is…

Fee and Kelly Kennedy, RUF International, Dallas

By David White | September 4, 2020

After working as an Intern with Redeemer, Fee and his wife Kelly made the move to Dallas, TX in June to serve with RUF International at SMU. As they have worked to settle in, they have also been quick to make connections with many of the international students they have gone to serve, enjoying both…

Country Profile: Sudan

By David White | August 27, 2020

After years of persecution under the dictatorship of former president Omar al Bashir, the Church in Sudan currently faces both opportunity and challenge. Following the overthrow of Bashir’s government in the Spring of 2019, the country continues to work towards the development of a more democratic and pluralistic society. This has in turn created opportunities…

UPDATE: Franky and Alaina Garcia

By David White | August 20, 2020

This week we are praying for the Garcia’s who are church planting with Mission to North America (MNA) in Hintenburgh, Ottawa. Restrictions in response to COVID-19 continue to present obstacles to the work of church planting. In particular, the closure of the border between the US and Canada to all but essential travel has left…

Stocks, South East Asia (UPDATE)

By David White | August 6, 2020

This week we are praising God for the answer to prayer following the safe return of the Stocks to the US. After months of attempted returns and cancelled flights, they are now settling into life in Atlanta. As they adjust back to life State side, please be in prayer that this time of adjustment and…

Country Profile: Libya

By David White | July 30, 2020

Since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, Libya has experienced significant instability, internal conflict, and insurgency. Over the past year, that instability has intensified as forces in the East of the country under Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, have attempted to overthrow the United Nations recognized government in the capital Tripoli. With Haftar’s failure to…

Stocks, South East Asia (UPDATE)

By David White | July 24, 2020

After praying at the end of May that the Stocks would be able to return to the US despite the disruption of COVID-19, they are now hoping to return by the end of July. Please be in prayer that their tickets, now the third time they have had to book, will not be cancelled and…

Trey and Kirsten (Kiki) Adams, MTW Thailand (UPDATE)

By David White | July 15, 2020

As they await the opportunity to return to Thailand, the Adams have been enjoying time together in Macon, GA, where they have also been able to connect with family and friends. We praise God for this provision, and pray that He continues to guide and direct as they prepare to resume their work in Bangkok.…

Country Profile: Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

By David White | July 9, 2020

This week we are remembering our brothers and sisters in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Over the past few years, the church in the east and north east of the central African country has seen a growing number of attacks from various militant groups. Instability in this region of the country, combined with…

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