In his recent newsletter, Fee Kennedy shared an update on how the fall semester is going with RUF International at SMU. A couple of weeks ago, they were able to attend an RUF International Retreat at Frontier Camps. Because of donor support, they were able to give significant scholarships to over 20 students to be able to attend.

Fee also shared about their Welcome Party in August. They had around 100 students attend! This event is an important one to their ministry because it serves as a connecting point to reach new students and share about events like their Global Café (dinner and discussion about the Bible), which they’ve had over 40 students join this semester. This year especially, they’ve been struck by the diversity of their students. Pins on the map from their Welcome Party represented countries all over the world!

As far as a family update, Fee shared about his and Kelly’s 30th birthdays and reflecting on the past decade of their lives:

We both came away feeling so much gratitude; that we get to live in this city, help people with our passions and skills, and get to witness the sweetest, most hilarious little boy grow every day. We’re so grateful that God has not only preserved, but deepened and enriched our love for one another and for Him over our 20’s.

Pray for their continued ministry. For more information about the Kennedy’s and their work with RUF-I, you can go to: Praying for Missionaries.