Redeemer Church supports missionaries, church plants, and ministries in Jackson, North America, and around the world. For more information about our missionaries or ways to be involved, follow the links below.

Mission to North America

Delta Street
MNA Disaster Relief (Sherry Lanier)
MNA Engaging Disability
Prison to College
Luke Bert (MNA - Église Évangélique Baptiste de Shawinigan-Sud)
Cyril Chavis (RUF Howard)
Bentley Crawford (RUF Belhaven)
Anthony Forrest (RUF Jackson State)
Franky Garcia (MNA Quebec)
Christopher "Fee" Kennedy (RUFI SMU)
Mackenzies (International Guest House)
Emily Owens (RUF Kansas State)
Wy Plummer (MNA - African American Ministries)
Hernando Saenz (MNA- Hispanic American Ministries)