Redeemer Church supports missionaries, church plants, and ministries in Jackson, North America, and around the world. For more information about our missionaries or ways to be involved, follow the links below.

Mission to the World

African Bible Colleges and Universities (Uganda/Malawi/Liberia)
African Scholarship
Third Millennium
Trey and Kiki
Lydia Martin (Empower a Child)
Chris Hatch (England)
Erika (English Language Institute East Asia)
Ellie Honea (Japan)
Brent Kooi (Sydney, Australia)
Chuck McArthur (Equipping Leaders International)Email
Bentry Mhango (Malawi)
O-Chan and Asami Odate (Japan)
Stuart and Meg Mills (Peru)
Tom and Teresa Wilson (Japan)
Jae Hyuk Yoo (South Korea)