Joshua and Ruth Tsavatewa

This week, we are praying for Joshua and Ruth Tsavatewa who serve with Sacred Road Ministries. In their recent update, they recapped some of the ministry’s activities from the summer. One story they shared was about a girl named Debra, who visited their church and came to their Kids Club with her two-year-old brother. At the beginning of the summer, he would not talk to or interact with any team members and clung to Debra’s side. About halfway through the summer, Debra’s brother felt comfortable enough to play separately. Kids Club was a safe and fun place for them to be kids. Debra is also a part of the HOPE Afterschool Program.

Over the summer, their young adults stepped up and filled in gaps as they had no interns this summer. The 8 young adults who worked with them and 3 others attended Warrior Leadership summit in July, a conference for Native Christian Young People. They also were able to take 40 middle and high schoolers to Young Life Camp.

Pray for Joshua and Ruth, for their marriage and ministry as they long to trust the Lord and serve Him well. Pray for them as they work on raising more support and plan to visit some churches next month.

For more information about Joshua and Ruth Tsavatewa, and their work with Sacred Road, you can go to: Praying for Missionaries.