MNA’s Hispanic American Ministries

This week we are praying for Hernando Sáenz and his work with MNA’s Hispanic American Ministries. This ministry had an exciting summer: over 50 people attended their General Assembly dinner for Hispanic leaders, Juan Vasquez was ordained as the 57th Hispanic Teaching Elder, and Hernando got to represent the PCA at the Mexican Presbyterian General Assembly in July. They are in final stages of their book “Plantemos”, on Hispanic church planting in the USA. They think this will be a great resource to equip sending agencies and church planters to reach the Hispanic Harvest.

Pastor Hernando shared a few ways to be in prayer for this ministry. Pray that Plantemos would inspire and equip church planters to reach the USA’s Hispanic population. Pray for the spread of the gospel, and for pastors who are working with this ministry. Pray that the Lord would raise up more laborers: specifically 70 pastors and 70 candidates in training by 2025.

For more information about Hernando and Debbie Sáenz and their work with Hispanic American Ministries, you can go to: Praying for Missionaries.