2024 Faith Promise


What is Faith Promise?

Faith Promise giving is the primary way that Redeemer funds local and global missions (apart from Redeemer specific ministries). We call it "Faith Promise" because we promise in faith to give to missions in addition to our regular tithes and offerings.

Why Faith Promise?

By pooling resources, we provide missionaries consistent, stable support. This allows them to spend less time fundraising and more time in ministry. Multiplying resources thus multiplies opportunities to spread the gospel.

Who does Faith Promise support?

Faith Promise supports numerous missionaries (many from our congregation!) and missions agencies both at home and abroad. Our three ministry areas are:

  • Mission to the World - missions outside the continental U.S.
  • Mission to North America - missions within the U.S. and Canada
  • Mission to Jackson - outreach all over the Jackson-Metro area

Who manages Faith Promise?

We entrust our Mission Committee to wisely and prayerfully vet potential missionaries/agencies and allocate Faith Promise funds appropriately. Mission ministry reports are available upon request.

What is the goal of Faith Promise?

Our 2024 financial goal is $140,000. Our prayer is that at least 50% of our congregation will join us, pledging to give according to God's leading and provision. Please pray and join us! Together, we can multiply opportunities to proclaim the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Ready to give, pray, or serve?

Fill out the Faith Promise form below.