Our Vision

Whole people and a city restored.

Our Mission

Sharing Christ’s love through regular & simple deeds of service.

Our Values

  • We see serving others as an act of worship, as a grateful overflow of our experience of divine love.
  • Service should lead to dignifying interactions and a spirit of mutuality between server and served.
  • Service opportunities should be asset based, drawing from the gifts in the church body and the gifts in the place of service.
  • Service should restore right relationships.

What We Do

  • We meet practical needs that arise inside Redeemer’s body, in our parish, or in our city.
  • We encourage a habit of service among Redeemer’s members by organizing monthly service opportunities.
  • We highlight the grassroots service efforts among Redeemer’s body through partnerships.

How We Behave

  • We see people, not just projects, so we slow down and prioritize relationships.
  • We serve alongside the community, always curious, always learning.
  • We don’t leave behind a mess for others to clean up.
  • We pray and ask God to give us His eyes to see neighborhoods and people, for His spirit to guide and animate our efforts.
  • We serve as unto the Lord, meaning we give our best efforts to each task.
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Upcoming Events

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