The Redeemer Church nursery depends on God's abundant grace to keep the Gospel central to all its work. We seek to be warm, loving, and hospitable, modeling the love of Christ not only to visiting children but also to their parents and families. To welcome these little ones is to welcome Christ Himself!


Currently four rooms are open in Redeemer's nursery. Below is a general guideline for how children are placed in the classrooms:

Nursery Room AgeBasic Developmental MilestonesChild/Caregiver Ratio
Infant 6 wks-12 moNot Mobile – Early walking5/2
Toddler 1yr-2yrWalks well – Follows simple instructions7/2
Two's 2yr-3yrBegins to run – Uses simple phrases8/2
Three's 3ys-4yr*Walks up/down stairs – follows 2 and 3 step commands9/2

* A child born on or after September 1st.  This is when four-year-olds (children who entered the nursery at 3 and turned 4 after the September 1st cut off) move out of the nursery to their new Sunday School class.