Safety & Our Mission

The Mission of Redeemer Kids is to shepherd Redeemer's children on behalf of our children's Redeemer. Part of this mission means ensuring the physical, emotional, and spiritual safety of any child who participates in our ministries.

Below you will find two documents that describe our policies, procedures, training/screening process, and reporting process. These policies are used in training and screening anyone who works with children at Redeemer, but also hope that parents find them helpful as they partner with us to shepherd the youngest in our flock.

Overview of Leader Training:

Anyone who works with children at Redeemer must undergo a screening/training process that includes:

  1. Teacher and Leader Agreement. This ensures that those who lead our children are committed to the peace and purity of the Church, and proclaiming the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and in deed.
  2. Background Check. While most perpetrators never enter the criminal justice system, this ensures that we are not allowing anyone who has done harm to a child to find a place in Redeemer Kids.
  3. MinistrySafe Training. This ensures that all children's ministry staff and volunteers are aware of the warning signs of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.
  4. Redeemer Specific Training. This ensures that staff and volunteers know their responsibility to immediately report suspected abuse or concerns over policy violations.