Committee Structure

Redeemer is Elder-led and Committee-driven.

To help ministries flourish in the life of Redeemer, each ministry is supported by and accountable to one of six committees. These committees are led by Elders and report to the Session.

How do Committees Function?

Committees meet monthly to hear from, discuss, and pray for the ministries under their care. They make decisions, allocate budgets, orchestrate logistics, and send motions up to the Session for approval.

Through this process, committees help shape the life of the church.


Who can Serve on Committees?

Each committee is chaired by a Ruling Elder or Teaching Elder (or both!) and consists of other officers and approved members. Members, especially women, are encouraged to serve. We're looking for mature leaders who are involved in the life of the church.

Some committees have a limited number of spots and designated roles; others are more flexible. To explore the possibility of being approved to serve on a particular committee, reach out to the committee chair.


Responsibilities & Membership of Each Committee: