The Redeemer Internship

Our Vision

To equip candidates for Gospel ministry in a multiethnic church in a way that builds character, hones skills, and fosters spiritual growth.

The internship is designed to provide diverse ministry experience, personal mentoring, and life-giving community alongside theological education as they pursue a seminary degree.

Our Experience

In addition to regularly teaching adult Sunday School and assisting in worship, our interns participate in a rigorous reading program around multiethnic ministry and work through four different concentrations over four years:

  • Children (k4 - 5th)
  • Youth (6th – 12th)
  • Missions & Outreach
  • Shepherding & Discipleship

Our prayer is that a wide breadth of diverse ministry experience will equip candidates for the many different aspects of ministry they will face in a future call.

Our Heart

We have a particular passion for raising up African American Teaching Elders in the PCA with a vision towards planting multiethnic PCA churches and serving RUFs on HBCUs.

We also want to develop more majority culture PCA Teaching Elders who are sensitive to and equipped for ministry in a diverse context.

Allocation of Hours

We encourage our interns to complete the Presbytery of the Mississippi Valley's internship program (requirements are on pp.29-32 of the III. Internship document of the PMV Credentials page) so the candidate can move towards ordination upon completion of the internship.

Here's an allocation of the 40 hours per month for those pursuing the PMV Internship during their internship at Redeemer:

Prep & Teaching, 16 hours
Teaching adult SS roughly 1x per month + another teaching venue each month = 24 per year (52 total required for PMV)

Committee Meeting, 3 hours
PMV requires 14 meetings: 3 Session, 2 Deacon, 3 Pres, 3 Pres Committees, 3 Church Committees

PMV Report, 1 hour
PMV requires 13 reports: Baptism, Communion, Funeral, Officers, Robert's Rules, Budget, PMV Standing Rules, Pres Meetings, Comm Meetings, Visitation, Wedding, New Members, Intern Eval

2 Visits, 3 hours
PMV requires 24 visits: 8 hospital, 3 nursing home, 2 jail, 3 regular, 2 visitors, 6 inactive

Staff Meeting, 1.5 hours
Meet monthly to give a report to the staff.

Reading & Discussion, 6 hours
Meet twice a month for development and discussion around readings. Readings may focus on a number of topics, but especially around multiethnic ministry.

Particular Ministry Focus, 10 hours
Assigned to help Jajuan McNeil (Children), Wilson Jamison (Youth), Zack Owens (Pastoral Care), or Brian Gault (Shepherding & Discipleship) on one-year rotations.

Contact Person