Abba’s Hope seeks to love, support, and encourage families that foster and adopt.

These families have all sorts of needs including: respite, clothing, toys, beds, car seats, work around the home, meals, tutoring, mentoring, childcare, and prayer. We want to care for these families as our own extended family by raising awareness for and helping to meet these needs, and by providing encouragement when life gets overwhelming.

In addition to supporting families that foster and adopt, we also want to provide education and advocacy around adopting and fostering in our church, in our community, and among those who might be considering adoption.

Our adoption as children of God in his family fuels and informs our passion around adoption and fostering.

Ways to get involved:

  1. Connect 4s - volunteer with others to provide a few hours of respite for foster/adoptive parents.
  2. Through Our Eyes - join others interested in adoption/foster care as experienced individuals share testimonies.
  3. Abba’s Hope Support Group - join other foster/adoptive families and individuals who support and encourage each other.
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