Abba’s Hope seeks to love, support, and encourage families that foster and adopt.

Foster and adoptive families have a variety of needs before, during, and after placement. These needs range from physical and emotional support to educational resources and advocacy.

Our hope is to care for these families by growing a strong church and local community that meets needs, builds relationships, and provides encouragement throughout the foster and adoptive process.

In addition to supporting families that foster and adopt, we also want to provide educational and advocacy opportunities for those who are interested in the foster and adoption process. Our adoption as children of God in his family fuels and informs our passion around adoption and fostering.

Ways to get involved:

  1. Join a Support Group. Learn from other foster/adoptive families while we support and encourage one another.
  2. Meet Physical Needs. Volunteer to provide a meal, respite, clothing, or other household items to help serve foster and adoptive families.
  3. Learn at Educational Events. Attend an educational event to learn more about foster and adoption topics as well as how to advocate for each member of the foster/adoptive triad (child, biological parent, foster/adoptive parent).
Upcoming Events

To see all Redeemer events, please visit our calendar.