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What? For 8 weeks this summer, we will have two discussion groups around Justin Giboney’s book, Compassion & Conviction.

Compassion & Conviction is a book about Christians engaging the public square. It is not pro-right or pro-left; it is neither conservative nor liberal. It approaches the discussion with a three-cornered biblical foundation: The Great Commission (Matt 28: ‘Make disciples…’), The Great Commandment (Matt 22: ‘Love God’ and ‘love neighbor’), and The Great Requirement (Micah 6: ‘Do justice, love mercy…’).

It thinks about Christianity as both a lifestyle and a worldview and challenges readers to hold human dignity over demeaning rhetoric, to embrace love and truth, pursue moral order and social justice. It encourages us to listen to others with compassion, while still holding to our convictions.

Why? As an intentionally multiethnic church, Redeemer is blessed with beautiful diversity.

This particular cultural moment seems to be filled with tribalism and division, cancel culture, and inflamed rhetoric. These issues intensified in the midst of a pandemic where it became commonplace to take pot-shots over social media instead of sitting with those different than you and listening with compassion, care, and concern. The image of God in others is all too often minimalized and overlooked.

What would it look like to have charitable conversations with those who are different than us? What if that started in the church?

Compassion & Conviction is not a perfect book. Other than the Bible, none are. All have flaws. But we want to create a space to have a discussion, to read with discernment, and to move towards those who are different than you.

We want to replace inflamed rhetoric with listening and understanding, cancel culture with compassion, and tribalism with a deep recognition that belonging to the tribe of Jesus trumps every other tribe. We want to build a foundation that will propel Redeemer towards greater unity as the body of Christ, even when our culture flounders in division.

When? There will be two groups that will meet on 8 Tuesdays from July 12 – Aug 30.
One will be a Lunch-Hour group (12-1pm) and the other will be an Evening group (7-8pm).

Who? Anyone who can commit to 5 of the 8 weeks and to read the book prior to the discussion. We want to especially encourage Redeemer’s leadership. There are only 30 spots in each group.

RSVP: To reserve your seat at the table, please choose the group you’d like to participate in, and register.

Tuesday Lunch-Hour Group (12-1pm)
Tuesday Evening Group (7-8pm)


July 12
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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