Brent Kooi

After a 3 year Covid hibernation, City Sanctum, the ministry for which I was recruited, will be relaunched on September 14. The goals of this workers’ ministry is to assist our church members as they navigate their Christian walk in an increasingly secular world. Additionally, City Sanctum is an easy event to bring unsaved friends and coworkers to engage them with the gospel. We will also have supplementary training in practical and effective methods for sharing the gospel. Please pray the steering committee and the relaunch, that the members of Harbour City Church will embrace this opportunity, become equipped to share their faith, and that we will see many souls coming to faith through this ministry.

During July and August, I have been heading up several remodel and construction projects at the warehouse where Harbour City Church meets. This has been a good way to deepen relationships with church members as well as to be a blessing to the church.

For more information about Brent Kooi and his work with MTW, you can go to: Praying for Missionaries.