Stocks, Southeast Asia

This week, we are praying for the Stocks who serve  in Southeast Asia. After a season of having to leave the country they were working in and time in the U.S. praying, considering, and planning what might be next for their family, they are headed back to the mission field at the end of May.

Pray for them in the logistics of travel and arrival: 33 hours of flights, the AirBnb they will stay in for the first month as they look for a home, and their visas. The apartment they will stay in is near their church and the city center.

In their recent newsletter, they shared that their three daughters are looking forward to being back in Asia: discussing how they’ll decorate their bedroom, whether their apartment will have a pool, and Asian candies and other food they’re excited to have again!

Pray for their last few weeks here in the U.S., visiting with churches, families and friends. Pray for their ministry as they settle into a new city and begin work there.

For more information about the Stocks, you can go to: Praying for Missionaries.