Stephens Family, Thailand

This week, we are praying for the Stephens family who serve with MTW in Thailand. In their recent newsletter, they shared a video with pictures of their team and sights around the city, including potential locations for the church they hope to plant later this year. One of their potential locations is close to a food court that would provide opportunities to meet and talk to people there.  Pray for their team as they continue seeking a location to plant this new church.

Karleigh shared about some relationships they’ve been able to build with neighbors, families of their children’s classmates, and other friends. Noah shared about a low-income community he’s been able to visit once a week to serve people who live there. They are seeking opportunities in the everyday parts of life to connect, spend time, and share the gospel with those around them.

Pray for they Stephens family, their church, and these relationships they are building that God would use them for His glory and the expansion of His kingdom in Thailand. For more information about the Stephens, and their work with Mission to the World, you can go to: Praying for Missionaries.