RUF at Howard University

This week, we are praying for RUF at Howard University.

In a recent newsletter, Jason Francoeur shared about some events they kicked off the semester with: a Meet and Greet, Worship event, Gospel Karaoke, and a Vision Board Party. These were opportunities to reconnect after the holidays and introduce new students on campus to the ministry.

Jason also included pictures of RUF student leaders at Chris Reed’s ordination service. Pray for RUF at Howard as they continue to grow in ministry and their financial needs grow as well.

Pray for Jason who has become a pastoral candidate and has been preaching at different churches and getting more opportunities to teach at RUF’s large group Bible study. Pray also that they would be able to get more men involved in their ministry. Pray for their staff to be energized and motivated through the semester. Pray for three students, Janet, Bradley, and Jada who are considering getting baptized this year and joining a local church.

For more information about Jason Francoeur and RUF at Howard, you can go to: Praying for Missionaries.