Stocks, Southeast Asia

This week, we need to lift the Stocks up in prayer as they face an unexpected and painful transition. The country they have been serving in has refused to renew their visas, and they will be leaving at the end of May to return to the United States. Their work is legal and legitimate, but the authorities suspect church work and do not want to allow it. This is religious persecution.

The Stocks have requested prayer for a number of matters. Pray for the protection of their team and their church. Pray that in the midst of packing and selling their belongings, they can cherish time with so many friends they are leaving. Pray for the ongoing ministry in this country, that the Lord would raise up workers in this city to be faithful laborers in gospel work. Pray for the big transition ahead as well as all the details that will go into the move, including a car and a furnished temporary house to stay in.

The Stocks shared in their update: “Saying goodbye to a people, a place and a calling is more difficult than we had anticipated. The effects of persecution are deeply painful. We are weak. His grace is sufficient.”

For more information about the Stocks and their work in Southeast Asia, you can go to: Praying for Missionaries.