Odates Update

This week we are praying for the Odates as they continue to minister in Japan with Mission to the World. In a recent newsletter, O-Chan shared about his recent trip to the U.S. During his short trip he traveled around, visiting churches, supporters, and friends in Mississippi, Alabama, Virginia, and Maryland. He said that he spent almost every meal he ate was with someone because he was eager to spend time with and update as many people as he could on ministry in Japan.

Recently, the Odates moved into the city center of Chiba. There are things they will miss about their old home, especially proximity with friends and school. But, they are optimistic that the new home will be a good fit. It is big enough to host house worship and is very close to the city’s biggest train station. Pray for their adjustment to this new home and that the Lord would bless them there.

Along with managing the morning routine to send the kids to school, Asami has been involved in Bible studies. O-Chan also shared updates on each child’s progress in school and recent hobbies and interests. Pray for the Odates as they transition into a new season of life and ministry.

For more information about the Odates and their work in Chiba, Japan you can go to: Praying for Missionaries.