Chandra Crane

In her recent newsletter, Chandra Crane reflected on how New Year celebrations draw us to remember the events of the past year and trust in God for what comes next.  She shared how during the Gregorian New Year, we “acknowledge God’s sustaining us for the past 12 months.”  In Lunar New Year, “we celebrate his goodness and how he provides family in many ways.” And in Solar New Year, Songkran in Thailand, “we praise God for the washing away of our sins and a new start.”

In light of these reflections, she shared some numbers to remember 2021 by:  2 national conferences, 10 serving members of the Mixed Advisory Team, 1 seminary graduation, 10+ resources for Mixed ministry, and 15+ episodes of the Mixed Blessing podcast. Pray for Chandra and her ministry, Multiethnic Initiatives, as she seeks to lead and serve in multiethnicity and mixed student ministry in Mississippi and across the United States in 2022.

For more information about Chandra Crane and her ministry, you can go to:  Praying for Missionaries.