Howard University RUF

In a recent newsletter, Jason Francoeur, the RUF intern at Howard University gave an update on some highlights from the fall semester so far.  One highlight has been seeing students consistently worshiping in a local church, Grace Mosaic.  Members from Grace Mosaic give students rides to church and on RUF Sunday, a family invited students to their home for Sunday lunch and fellowship.

There has been a weekly men’s book study on Honest Evangelism, where they’ve been meeting to “speak about how [they] can talk about Jesus even when it’s tough.

They’ve also added new students to their servant team.

Jason posted a video with his newsletter of Howard RUF students sharing how the ministry has impacted them:  giving them community, connecting them with the local church, and encouraging them in spiritual growth.  Check out the video here.

Please pray that their students finish out the fall semester well and for Pastor Cyril and Jason to stay encouraged and consistent as the semester draws close to the end.

You can learn more about RUF at Howard University by going to:  Praying for Missionaries.