Chandra Crane, Update

Our missionary of the week is Chandra Crane, who serves as the Mixed Ministry Coordinator with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

In her recent newsletter, Chandra wrote about how grateful she is to be able to work in both a national role and stay connected with local campuses.  She is primarily focused on working with faculty now, encouraging, connecting, and praying for them.

In her national role, she works with a team around the country who are developing resources and building communities while guiding “mixed staff, students, and faculty around the country who are asking ‘Who am I in Jesus?  What does it mean to be mulitethnic like Christ is?’”  Over the past year, her team has developed two series, Justice Dialogues and Flourishing Communities, for campuses or church groups to use.

Please pray for Chandra’s chronic health issues, which can disrupt her ministry work and family life.  Pray also for the staff, students, and faculty around the country working hard to serve on campuses.

For more information on Chandra Crane and her work with InterVarsity, go to:  Praying for Missionaries.