Ellie Honea

Ellie Honea wrote reflecting on a recent Zoom Bible Study:  “Praise the Lord he is at work drawing people to himself, and reminding me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’”

Ellie is a missionary in Tokyo, Japan.  Like many of us, Ellie is experiencing “Zoom fatigue”. The light at the end of the Zoom tunnel seems dim as Japan continues to have high numbers of new COVID cases.  Pray for Japan, their healthcare workers, and their government officials.  Pray also that Ellie would be able to continue connecting with the women in her Bible study even while it is virtual.

Pray also for the Paralympics, which end on September 5, “for the athletes and all making the games possible, for God to be glorified, for opportunities for all the Christians involved to share the Good News.”

Pray for events upcoming in September: Art, Life, Faith and the online Gospel Bible Study.

For more information about Ellie Honea and her work with MTW in Tokyo, go to: Praying for Missionaries.