Ellie Honea, MTW Japan


Ellie Honea is a missionary to Tokyo, Japan and is involved creating ministry opportunities to reach the arts community around her as a part of her work in church planting support. “It’s hard to stay grumpy about life still being on zoom when you’re doing it with so many awesome people. But some days I manage to!”

A few weeks ago many of you prayed specifically for the June Gospel Bible Study. I finished that zoom call feeling better than when I logged on. I think it was the first time a group video call didn’t leave me feeling wiped out: praise the Lord, and thank you for praying! Continued prayers most welcome (for all of us!) for perseverance, joy, and love to overflow.

To learn more about Ellie’s work and how God is using her to reach Japan and how you can pray for her, go to Praying for Missionaries and read her newsletter.