Equipping Leaders Int’l Update

Recently, a group from Equipping Leaders International (ELI) took a ten-day journey to Liberia.  They taught classes to 42 trainers and 36 of their spouses, distributed Bibles and visited Hope and New Hope Academies.

Dr. Lamar Hester, a ruling elder at Lakeland Presbyterian Church was part of the team.  He responded to health concerns and prayed for the trainers and their spouses.

The group visited a new outreach post in a remote Muslim community.  Traveling to the new church, the team got stuck in traffic for ten hours. Chuck McArthur reflected on this experience: “I was reminded of how Jesus saw the crowds and was moved with compassion and how I am not like Jesus.”  At the church and school, children recited Bible verses and sang gospel songs and people shared testimonies of how their lives have changed.

Chuck shared that the trip’s challenges were matched by God’s goodness.

You can learn more about Chuck McArthur and his work with ELI by going to:  Praying for Missionaries.