Trey and Kiki Adams, Thailand

On Monday, the Adams headed south to Bangkok after about three months of traveling and an extended stay in Chiang Mai.

In Bangkok, the Adams will begin searching for a house in the midst of COVID restrictions.  Pray that God would provide a home for them to live in and use as a hub for their ministry.

The Adams are expecting a third baby, due in November.  Pray for Kiki and the baby’s health, specifically that Kiki’s headaches would cease.

Trey shared that “Bangkok is a city of approximately 11 million souls and only about 450 churches.”  With a PCA ordained Thai pastor, they are beginning to pray for a new church plant in the southern part of the city that would allow them to reach people in a fast-growing area.

Please pray for the Adams as they seek and settle into a new home.  Pray for their family, their team, and their work as they seek to share the Gospel, open their home, and invite people to Jesus.

You can learn more about the Adams family and their work in Thailand by going to:  Praying for Missionaries.