Jackson Leadership Foundation

Jackson Leadership Foundation (JLF) partners with diverse ministries seeking to meet the city’s deep and wide needs through a dedication “to the spiritual and economic transformation of Jackson’s under-resourced communities” JLF provides resources and services to develop ministry leaders and help them grow their organizations.

In February, JLF held their first Ministry Partner Gathering of the year with representatives of thirteen ministries joined for fellowship, prayer, and leadership discussion.  This gathering painted a picture of how far God has brought JLF and their partners by strengthening their relationships and ministry capacities over the past two years.

JLF recently celebrated the growth of Bridging the Gap Outreach Ministries, a ministry started in 2019, that is ready to launch as its own 501c3 ministry.  JLF has also welcomed Hope Exchange as its newest collaborative initiative.

Please pray for JLF and its current ministry partners, as well as two other ministry teams who are interested in coming under JLF as collaborative initiatives.  Pray that more Christians would be aware of God’s work in Jackson and seek ways to use their gifts and strengths to serve the community.

You can learn more about the work that Jackson Leadership Foundation is doing and other ways to support them in prayer by going to:  Praying for Missionaries.