Haruaki and Asami Odate, Japan

Haruaki Odate, better known to us as O-Chan, is one of our missionaries and a church planter serving in Chiba Japan.

For the past two years, O-Chan has been preaching in the Oyumino Christ Church, however, in order to be more intentional about planting a church, he is no longer preaching there on a full-time basis. He still preaches in Grace Center Church Sendai every two months, and occasionally, he will help at Oyumino Christ Church when they need someone to fill the pulpit.

Zoom and the other meeting tools have been the work of the ministry in Japan. O-Chan has continued to disciple two young men via zoom every week. One is a member of the Oyumino church, and the other is a newly converted young man who came to the U.S. to study at a university in Chicago and knew a friend of O-Chan’s. With the help of the Zoom format, O-Chan was able to meet with the young man for Bible study, and the young man confessed his faith in Christ.

There is a lot more information concerning the ministry of the Odates. Please go to Praying for Missionaries to learn about the church planting work as well as how you can support their work and pray for their family and read the recent newsletter.