Adopt-A-Family Christmas Project/Candy Cane Christmas Outreach

On December 16, 2020, with the help of 19 volunteers from Redeemer and staff from Chastain, both our Adopt-A-Family Christmas and our Candy Cane Outreach projects distributed gift cards to 27 families in need and whose children attend Chastain Middle School as well as to families of Redeemer members who need a little boost at Christmas.  We distributed 14 more gift bags to families whose children attend TRS and/or whose families live in our parish.  All together a total of 41 families received gift bags containing candy, The Story of the Candy Cane and a copy of The Jesus Storybook Bible. Most every home heard the gospel clearly presented and Pastor El was able to pray with almost every family who came to us through our partnership with Chastain Middle School.
THANK YOU, Redeemer and all our friends of Redeemer who made it possible for so many families to be blessed in Word and deed this Christmas!