Fee and Kelly Kennedy, RUF International, Dallas (UPDATE)

Please continue to remember Fee and Kelly in your prayers as they minister to the international students of SMU. It has been a busy month of running RUFI’s Global Café, a time for international students to come together to eat and listen to the gospel. Though the Café has been happening over Zoom, this has not stopped the desire of these students to meet together and hear the message of Jesus. Fee has also been busy meeting with students one on one, and he has had several fruitful discussions. Please pray for him as he shares and for the students who are hearing. Pray particularly for those students who will soon be returning to their home countries. Here are a few more prayer requests from the Kennedy’s:

  • Kelly and I host a Friday night Bible Study at our home where we are studying the nature of faith in Hebrews 11. Please pray that the students that attend would have their faith in Christ strengthened.
  • We are continuing to navigate the restrictions due to COVID-19. Please pray for wisdom, flexibility, and patience as we restructure our hospitality events.
  • Please pray for God’s provision as we continue to raise financial support for our ministry. We are currently 50% of the way to being fully-funded.

If you are interested in learning more about the Kennedy’s ministry at SMU, or if you desire to partner with them in this work, they can be contacted at this email address – fee.kennedy@ruf.org

You can also give directly here.