Emily Owen, RUF Intern, Kansas State

This week we are praying for Emily, who is in her second year of the RUF internship program at Kansas State University. Though the challenges of the current pandemic have brought various changes to how RUF is seeking to minister to students, the Lord has allowed for RUF to continue meeting in person in various small and larger group settings. For Emily, this has allowed for opportunities to witness to and disciple many students. Though some of these conversations have been challenging, and the busyness of ministry life has been tiring, Emily has been encouraged by the many blessings and responses she has seen thus far. Please join with us this week in praying for her, and for the ministry of RUF at Kansas State. Pray for patience, continued health and wisdom for Emily as she seeks to encourage those following the Lord and share the gospel with those who are not.

If you would like to find out more about Emily’s ministry at Kansas State, or to help in supporting her further please click here.