Haruaki and Asami Odate, Japan (UPDATE)

This week we are praying for the Odates as they continue to minister in Japan and prepare to church plant. Though COVID-19 has caused various disruptions to ministry, O-Chan has been able to continue discipling several young men remotely – Please pray that this ministry of discipleship would continue to bear fruit. Despite the disruptions and uncertainties caused by the pandemic, the Odates have also taken several steps in the desire to church plant. One of these steps has been to begin searching for a house to buy in the location where they intend to plant. Given the cost of property in this area, the Odates face a challenge in finding suitable accommodation. To this point, let us pray firstly, that they are able to find a home that is suitable for them as a family and is suitable for them to launch they’re church planting. Secondly, pray that the necessary funds will be provided in order to support this move and the church plant.

If you are able and feel led to contribute to the Odates church planting ministry please click here.