Jae and Hannah Yoo Seoul, South Korea

This week, we’re praying for Jae and Hannah Yoo and their children Hara and Samuel. Jae is pastor of the Seoul Covenant Presbyterian Church where he leads both English and Korean speaking congregations. We’re so thankful for Jae and his family and how the Lord is using them!

From Jae:

1. It has been almost 10 years since Covenant Church was planted. We praise the Lord for His faithfulness and blessings.
2. We are thankful for the kind of stability we have as a 10 year old community but we also need renewal or new visions and challenges as we seek to grow and serve God’s Kingdom.
3. Our English-speaking congregation is decreasing in number while the Korean-speaking congregation is growing. I think this is a good sign in terms of the financial stability. However, our English-speaking congregation needs new members for stability and encouragement.
4. The Korean Church is on the decline both spiritually and numerically. Please pray that Covenant Church will remain faithful to the cause of the gospel.
5. Please pray for our elders and deacons as they serve alongside me.
5. I am planning to write another book on marriage/singleness since this is a big practical issue among believers in Korea. Please pray that I will have both resources and wisdom for writing.
6. Samuel is in the 10th grade. He does not deny Jesus as His Savior but he is not interested in spiritual things. Please pray that he will have a heart for the Lord as well as for the word.