Luke and Rebekah Bert Quebec, Canada

Luke and Rebekah Bert serve in Quebec, Canada where Luke works for Sembeq seminary by teaching Old Testament and Biblical Languages. Their goal is to work with local churches to train and help resource leaders to teach Christ from all of Scripture. Quebec is less than .5% Christian and is the only fully French speaking province in Canada. The provincial government is also antagonistic toward Christianity and is passing laws to to make sharing the Gospel difficult for believers.

The Berts have three children Matthias (5yrs), Saranna (3yrs), and Kara (1yr). Please pray pray for the following:

  1. Funding – they still need regular ministry partners
  2. French – that Luke and Rebekah would become fluent quickly
  3. Gospel outreach – that they would share the Gospel boldly and build strong relationships through French class
  4. Residency – that the process for permanent residency would go smoothly
  5. Children – that Matthias, Saranna, and Kara would grow in the knowledge of the Lord.

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